Brussels sprouts: The average Briton eats 1000 sprouts in a lifetime at Christmas

Brussels sprouts: The average Briton eats 1000 sprouts in a lifetime at Christmas

If there’s one thing Britons love to discuss at Christmas it’s whether or not you enjoy the taste of a Brussels sprout.

The veggies divide families at the dinner table, much like Marmite, with hefty rifts between the love and hate camps.

Regardless of whether you love the green nuggets or you hate the veggies with a passion, the average number a Briton eats in a lifetime will astound you.

It’s said the average Brit consumes 1,008 over the course of a lifetime, according to Amazon research.

Similarly we pull 252 crackers around the table and, in preparation for Christmas, each Brit spends 882 hours (more than 36 days) purchasing 1,386 presents across a lifetime

The study was commissioned to mark the launch of the Amazon Christmas Shop and Gift Finder on

What’s just as divisive as the nationwide sprout debate? Everyone’s favourite Christmas song.

No Christmas is complete without the soundtrack to the season and as a nation, we’ll each listen to more than 1,008 hours of Christmas music.

Worryingly, that’s the equivalent of listening to Mariah Carey’s Christmas classic All I Want For Christmas Is You more than 16,000 times.

The research also delved into the UK’s Christmas gift buying habits to reveal that partners and spouses were voted by 46 percent of respondents as the best present buyers.

They were closely followed by mothers taking the second spot and then daughters.

While the average UK adult will buy 22 presents this Christmas, those in Oxford are the most generous, splashing out on 33 gifts each for their friends and family.

Oxford was followed by the residents of Sheffield who purchase on average 26 presents.

Closely behind are the people of Manchester and Newcastle upon Tyne who buy on average 25 gifts each.

Sam Lulla, Christmas Marketing Manager, commented on the findings.

They said: “From decking the halls to driving home for Christmas, it’s fascinating to see just how much time the UK spends putting together their perfect Christmas over the course of a lifetime.

“We know that finding everything you need for the festive season, and in particular the perfect gift, can be a challenge, which is why we have launched our dedicated Christmas Shop and Gift Finder; to make shopping even easier and free up as much time as possible for customers to spend celebrating with friends and family.”

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