Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Chloe reveals last chat with Jermaine | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Chloe reveals last chat with Jermaine | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Chloe Ayling spilled the beans on her private conversation with Jermaine Pennant after it was revealed he had been dishonest about his relationship status.

The 21-year-old did not hold back when she described the chat she shared with Jermaine, 35, in the Celebrity Big Brother  bathroom.

“He pulled me into the bathroom because he didn’t want to speak in front of the cameras. He was always paranoid about that,” she began.

“Then he said something like ‘we’ll talk on the outside and I’ll probably get your number or something, just play it down a bit when you get out because I do have a girlfriend’ so he admitted it to me at the end.”

After their talk, Chloe spoke to former Love Island star Gabby Allen, who knew Jermaine was married, but failed to inform her friend.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side host Rylan Clark-Neal told Chloe, Gabby heard Jermaine mention his wife during a group discussion.

Shocked to discover Gabby knew about Jermaine’s marital status, Chloe added: ”I pulled her [Gabby] in the bathroom and said ‘he just told me he has a girlfriend and that I should play it down’ and she was just like ‘yeah don’t worry about it’.

Clearly upset about the situation, Chloe slammed Jermaine for lying to her and disrespecting his wife on national television.

She fumed: “I don’t understand why you would do that on national TV with your wife at home that’s what made me think he must be single.

“Why would he do that if he had a wife? I think maybe he thought people didn’t know about the notes, he just kept saying it’s banter.”

However, Chloe admitted she was terrified when she found out he was seeing someone as she feared it would put her in a negative light.

“I was worried when he told me he does have a girlfriend because I was thinking what if it is made out like I’m a home-wrecker or something cause people will think that,” she explained.

Luckily for Chloe she has received a lot of support from fans of the show after she confessed to not knowing about Jermaine’s wife.

Defending Chloe one Twitter user wrote: “Chloe’s a young, impressionable lass who’s taken a footballer’s fancy. She’s been honest and the first to mention his missus. Why is all the hate directed at her and not at Jermaine?”

Another fan added: “Honestly! How can you not feel sorry for Chloe? I wish she hadn’t been evicted.”

Someone else said: “I felt sorry for Chloe after she found out Jermaine is married.”

Others were not as sympathetic and accused Chloe of being fine with dating Jermaine when she thought he only had a girlfriend.

One person asked: “Why is everyone feeling sorry for Chloe? She was still flirting with him even when she thought he had a girlfriend.”

A second pointed out: “Chloe thought it was acceptable to get involved with Jermaine thinking he had a girlfriend but then finds out he’s married and it’s no longer acceptable. Doesn’t matter if he’s married or has a girlfriend. It’s not acceptable either way!”

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm.

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