Driving through Paradise, California as the Camp Fire rages on

Driving through Paradise, California as the Camp Fire rages on

Nearly 30,000 people were forced to evacuate on Thursday when a wildfire roared through this California town, located about 180 miles northeast of San Francisco.

In less than 24 hours, the Camp Fire torched Paradise homes, — businesses, supermarkets, restaurants and a retirement home — was left “pretty much…destroyed,” California Fire Capt. Scott McLean said.

By Friday morning, the area remained under siege, with reports that two large fires had burned 15,000 acres and were threatening multiple communities, with 75,000 homes under evacuation orders.

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  1. john blacker

    You can ignore the Chemtrails as much as you like – but you can not ignore the consequences of ignoring the Chemtrails …… Since about 1992 Chemtrails containing Barium, Strontium and Aluminum are being sprayed weekly or two weekly…. these chemicals have been taken up and absorbed by plants and animals and rest on surfaces …..along comes a fire and suddenly you have a total inferno in minutes —– don't say you were not warned.

  2. 8-67 5-3-0-9

    Liberals believe this is caused by global warming. Despite the fact that global warming has been occurring for 33,000 years. The reasons why this occurs is 1) careless people playing with fire 2) lack of controlled burns and fire roads 3) lowering of the water table due to over population. If liberals leave California and move to Texas or Honduras, conservatives will do a much better job of caring for the trees and wildlife. Conservatives are by default conservationists. Liberals are by default low IQ and mentally ill. Just ask Lady GaGa. Go take your meds stupid liberals.

  3. shortninja29

    So disappointed at how a natural disaster still yet to be contained has quickly turned political. Nature doesn't discriminate and fire knows no party. This was a very conservative retiree town. The area was getting as many controlled burns as cal fire could handle, firefighters we're also constructing trails to act as fire breaks.

    Leave all the agendas behind. People have died, become homeless and others are missing. Some have loved ones we have not heard from in almost 24 hours that are battling this blaze without a break.

    For once, let all that crap go and pray for everyone affected by this tragedy.

  4. John Paily

    Prayers for people affected. Time to awaken. Stop heating up the earth. Earth struggles to sustain a certain balance. Thus we are witnessing an accelerated peaking and falling of energy on earth, manifesting as fire/wind and flash flood/snows, thus are crippling the society. They form the unwinding and winding force that operates the earth. We saw unnatural flash flooding everywhere this year. The cooling season is not yet over, it has only begun. To witness such fire that too at in almost in parallel is warning of the next season to come. The cooling is a winding process, this means we are in for possible huge earthquakes and volcanic eruption – It is time to drop our ego become conscious and awaken to the simple truth of nature and her functioning

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