Hawaii prepares for Hurricane Lane

Hawaii prepares for Hurricane Lane

11Alive’s Meteorologist Chris Holcomb breaks down Hurricane Lane.

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  1. Carlos Rosero

    I did not know about weather reports that all different states that they have hurricane someone else but I always hear like hurricanes like a hit into Jamaica Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic and Florida are always held at in the past present future but this time now is the first time I ever hear it about hurricane coming to Hawaii so Hawaii need to be getting ready to repair for this because he needs to stay cool down like the lover or different land and properties have to be cool down so get ready

  2. kattmilk

    Prayers from Florida! I survived Irma, but the days leading up to the storm were more nerve-wracking than the storm itself! And listening to the media only made it worse. Try to just get updates from true weather sources like the weather channel.

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