‘He died a hero’: Sheriff remembers fallen Sgt. in Thousand Oaks shooting

‘He died a hero’: Sheriff remembers fallen Sgt. in Thousand Oaks shooting

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office said one of its officers “died a hero” following a mass shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, Calif., which left 13 dead including the gunman.

During a briefing early Thursday morning, Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean said among those killed was Sheriff Sergeant Ron Helus, a 29-year veteran of the department. Helus was looking to retire “in the next year or so,” Dean said.

Helus was survived by his wife and son.

“Ron was a hardworking dedicated sheriff’s sergeant,” said Dean, trying to hold back tears. “He was totally committed. He gave his all. Tonight, as I told his wife, he died a hero because he went in to save lives, to save other people.”

On Wednesday night, a hooded gunman dressed in black opened fire at a country dance bar in Southern California, killing Helus and 11 other victims. The shooter, apparently firing at random, also died in the melee.

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  2. jay show

    The attacker is known to law enforcement. He is a registered Democrat who is heavily affiliated with the terrorist organization antifa. They have not released his identity but has been confirmed.

    Democrats are waging a violent war. They continue to terrorize and set a dangerous precedent.

  3. Paul Wang

    Just read the accompanying piece looking at mass shootings globally. The piece’s kicker: “In retrospect Sandy Hook marked the end of the US gun control debate,” Dan Hodges, a British journalist, wrote in a post on Twitter two years ago, referring to the 2012 attack that killed 20 young students at an elementary school in Connecticut. “Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over.” Chilling and true

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