How House Democrats will thwart Trump’s agenda

How House Democrats will thwart Trump’s agenda

The election results are in and Democrats gained control of the House during the midterms. It will place a check and balance on President Trump’s power and could tie up his agenda for the next couple of years.

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  1. Daryl Leckt

    in 2 years trump has replaced a conservative supreme court judge and flipped a 2nd, passed some legislation regarding opioids, and added $2,800,000,000,000 to the national debt.
    he has also promised a government shutdown in 2019.
    some agenda.

  2. Firstname Lastname

    All this Red vs Blue (Republican vs Democrat) shit is doing nothing but splitting our country apart. We need a voice of reason before everything falls apart. We can find other shit to worry about during the day im sure other than our political views, lets talk about that instead of this hateful tug of war political game they keep going on about.

  3. Not MyName

    Could someone please pass me an umbrella to ward off these crocodile tears raining down from the republican voters? Listen nicely, these last 2 years have been your own undoing! You better believe that the House will instate hearings of enquiry about Trump's taxes among other things. It won't be a pretty sight. Add to that the impending crash of the Mueller report and its findings and you start to realize that the whole house of cards is about to tumble around the GOP.

  4. WookieBush

    I think it's funny how all the liberals are acting like this is some push against trump, even though since 1910 the incumbent president managed to not lose house seats a grand total of 3 times. It's almost as if this kind of thing always happens in midterm elections. But no, it's because people are sticking it to trump.

  5. Lady of the light v

    Guess the Democrats didn't like that extra money in their paycheck from tax cuts or that there's actually jobs out there they can get a paycheck from. They were so fed up with a great economy and extra money in their pockets they just couldn't stand it anymore. be careful what you ask for Democrats you just might get it

  6. Flack Cat

    Some headline from USA Today, one of the media puppets of the racist bigots democrats. Keep obstructing President Trump no matter the cost or who it hurts, keep obstructing. It’s going to be an interesting two years to see what the delusional socialist democrats actually manage to accomplish.

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