I’m A Celebrity 2018 Fans in uproar over Rita Simons fart | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

I’m A Celebrity 2018 Fans in uproar over Rita Simons fart | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

saw former actress Rita finally brave the Dunny, aka the jungle loo, after putting it off until tonight.

However, ITV bosses made the decision to air Rita’s flatulence noises in a bid for high ratings.

But fans were left feeling angry and took to social media to complain.

One viewer tweeted: “Poor Rita. How embarrassing must it be knowing you’ve farted practically in front of almost 12 million people…. #ImACeleb.”

“Poor Rita having her explosive fart televised #imaceleb,” posted another.

A third said: “Poor Rita that has gotta be the most famous fart of all time in front of 12 million people watching on tv #ImACeleb.”

“Public Poo not my Thing -poor Rita having a Toilet Fart & Fleur & James Laughing Outside As Loud As Possible EVERYONE HAS FARTED #imaceleb,” said another.

A fifth noted: “Hahahaha poor Rita can’t even fart in peace.”

The broadcast scene saw James McVey and Fleur East explore the camp.

During their travels, the pair where admiring the scenery when Rita could be overheard using the toilet.

After the pair burst into a fit of giggles, James explained: “Fleur and I were examining the beautiful scenery on the bridge looking down into the creek.

“Exceptional beauty! It was interrupted by a thunder. Fleur thought it was a branch falling down.

“It was actually Rita passing wind on the toilet.”

Fleur cackled: “Just as we decide to get on the bridge,” as James announced her noised to his fellow campmates.

He shouted: “She just farted. So loud! We heard it from the bridge!”

Fleur added: “I think we’ve just let ourselves go. In the jungle we’re like, inhibitions out the window.

“Dignity out the window! We are fully, fully feral right now!”

Returning to camp, Rita asked: “How loud was that?”

Commending his fellow campmate, James said: “Impressive!”

 2018 continues tomorrow on  at 9pm.

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