Trump to Macron: We need a ‘strong Europe’ and to talk about terrorism

Trump to Macron: We need a ‘strong Europe’ and to talk about terrorism

Amid criticism, President Donald Trump sat down with French President Emmanuel Macron to talk about his more nationalist approach to global issues like terrorism.


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  1. Sharon hull

    What has it to do with trump. And France are as greedy as the EU. They just want their pensions and big bonuses paid for a few years. Robbing fish etc while British fishermen are on a quota and struggling to feed their families or keep a roof over the children’s heads. Greedy 🤬

  2. Honour 2018

    Compare the West and Saudi Arabia in combating terrorism. Saudi Arabia imprisons ISIS supporters and radical preachers, in the West they get away with it because of free speech. In Saudi Arabia they execute convicted terrorists. In the West they get locked up for life. Saudi Arabia has a de-radicalisation program and teaches radicals how their viewpoint on Islam is wrong and leads to the Hellfire… They give religious and welfare support to the radicals who show good faith. In the West they can only make radicals more radical because they are liberal secularists…

    I find it funny when people say Saudi Arabia supports terrorism. Literally all the Jihadi groups hate Saudi Arabia…

  3. Buckles Freeman

    I don't understand how people can get this close to trump without attacking him for the good of humanity. Yeah they'll kill you in return, but its like killing Hitler… even if they kill you back, you still saved the world from a bad person. So it's worth the sacrifice.

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