Who is Brett Kavanaugh? 5 things you should know

Who is Brett Kavanaugh? 5 things you should know

He’s up for a seat on our highest court. Here’s what you need to know about Brett Kavanaugh.

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  1. Matt O

    For Republicans: Quit complaining about the way the Dems are reacting to the pick. You guys did the same thing with Garland and would have done the same thing if H. Clinton was president and got her pick. You got the nomination why complain about what Dems think? It wont take away the nomination.

    For Democrats: This was a very reasonable pick to the Supreme Court. Brett K. has already come out and stated how he will not follow an agenda and will not interpret the law based on his beliefs. Did you honestly think Trump would appoint a left wing liberal to the bench? Once again, very reasonable republican nomination.

    Wish everyone would come together and find solutions that would benefit both parties. The atmosphere from the capital is so toxic and it makes me sad.

  2. Jason Jackson

    This was a brilliant pick because Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders & all Democrats had no reservations & unanimously voted him in to his current high court judge position.

    President Trump trapped the liberal left with this move & all they can do is fight it while taking the Democrats down another level or two. Freaking brilliant!

  3. Douglas Steele

    the election of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court is just going to make the democrats more determined then ever to see that justice is served. what with the mountain of evidence that Mueller has collected against trump and that ties trump to Russia the democrats will have no problem impeaching trump when they take over congress in November. Mueller will hand all that evidence over to the democrats and it's over for trump. that's what Mueller is waiting for. it will spell disaster for trump and his admionistration. yes indeed justice does have a way of being serrved one way or another. i mean just look at trumps ugly face. there's the proof. impeach trump and MAPA-Make America Proud Again!!!

  4. Nemesis Dawn

    Brett Kavanaugh is a "strict constitutionalist"…Whats wrong with that?
    Chuck Schumer and the Democrats should focus on the Mid-terms and concentrate on their 2020 bid. I hear Hillary will be throwing in her hat for the 2020 presidency (which is absolutely hilarious!)

  5. Some random dude Scrolling through YouTube

    Can’t wait for all the liberals to comment because I mean every single fricking day they complain about something else. I’m not old enough to vote yet but I like trump and if Hillary Clinton was picked I would’ve been mad yeah I mean any republican would but I wouldn’t have cried about it and made protests. The liberals just need some chill pills and a little brain therapy because every day it’s something new that they’re complaining about whether it be gender or politics. p.s. there is only two genders

  6. AnMSpec

    Well it seem like whatever the left wing says trump is doing wrong even is the immigrants were separated due to the Clinton administration and continued now that some were detain and separated now wow that no cool lol people are a joke .. now Obama had a meeting with government south of the boarder to capture and detain immigrants from approaching the us boarder but you heard nothing of it from the media .. I’ll just say this much because trump won they are trying to get him out or blame him for anything they can pin on him .. get over it he will do his part bring america back as much as possible and not infringe the constitution as for some they are affected by backwards politicians whom only care for them selfs money money disarm the people let them be stupid and continue with their own agenda as the public suffers .. democrats love criminals they have rights no matter what they do.. but is an animal disrupts a person or it’s properly it’s time for it to go ! But here fake politicians talk talk and that $$$$ who cares right ! Stupid people tag along

  7. C9Tyler

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    3 cups chicken broth
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  8. Barry Howell

    Liberals and democrats rely on activist judges to enforce their incompetent marxist agenda OVER the constitution, which is why this nomination pisses them off. They've lost the power to gag the constitution with their own preferred policy of the moment, and force immoral laws onto the populous.

  9. MrsWBMall

    Errr… I'm confused why USA Today is trying to make this sound so grim, when if we just look at all those facts they presented about him (without the theatrics), we can clearly see one thing – that he's pretty qualified for the nomination… I'm not sure what USA Today's agenda was, but that's all I got from watching this – Judge Kavanaugh is highly qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice!😊

  10. Captain James

    We're so caught up in this Left Right Bullshit that we don't realize the whole damn country is being bled dry.The Rich get Richer…The Rich get Justice…The Rich get representation.. We are nothing to the establishment. They use us like Vampires but the people are to stupid to realize it. They play us against each other to divide and conquer. Your votes mean nothing. Sorry about the rant but people know more about Pop culture than politics and wealth. It's ridiculous. How do so few control so many. It's preposterous. I don't hate Rich people…I hate Greed…Greed is destroying the World. But Hey….at least Kim Kardashian is trending. Have a nice day and God Bless.

  11. Kitty Watson

    Trump has brought someone who is VERY REASONABLE to the table! If he is turned away on bogus religious or political grounds…then I say Trump ought to bring the most conservative candidate…and GO NUCLEAR…guaranteeing an outcome in voting!!

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